Mermaid course for children (9-12), HYVINKÄÄ

This mermaid course is aimed at children aged 9 to 12 who are already used to being in the water and know how to dive.


Mermaid swimming is a fun and new sport for all children who enjoy the water. It supports the child's physical activity and develops motor skills in a most imaginative way.

During the mermaid course we will:

  • Practice different swimming techniques with your tail
  • Strengthen your diving skills and search for treasure
  • Blowing bubble kisses
  • Do different tricks and play with other mermaids


These classes are held in small groups (max. 8 children) to ensure each child’s development and participation in the course. You can also buy or rent a tail from us if you don’t have one yet.

Mermaid classes are held in Hyvinkää (Veteraanitalo, Asemakatu 42) on Thursdays at 6.30PM for 45min, 3.11-15.12.2022.

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