Swimming pool etiquette

We live in strange times. Some pools are closed and the ones left open are very crowded. We've gotten a request from our customers to briefly touch on pool etiquette so we can spread awareness and thus cause less friction during the pool visits.


1. Hygiene

Shower before hopping in the pool. Always. If the pool is cleaned by chlorine the chlorine smell will get stuck on your skin and hair if they are dirty and dry when entering the pool.

Also, it's considerate to others for obvious reasons. 

2. Swim direction & Pace

We swim according to the local traffic rules, so in Finland you'd swim on the right side of the lane while in the UK on the left. 

Usually the lanes are marked if the lanes are meant for fast, slow or motion swimmers. Use the right lane according to your pace and if you realise that you are much slower or faster than the others adjust accordingly.

3. Take others into consideration

If you stop, do so at either end of the pool and stay in either corner of the lane leaving the middle space of the wall as open as possible allowing others to make a quick turn and continue their workout. 


With these, I hope everyone has an enjoyable trip to the pool next time!