Children's swimming course (5-6yo), HYVINKÄÄ

These swimming lessons are intended for children ages 5-6 who crave speed, agility and challenges. They are for children who are accustomed to water already and want to move on to the next step.

The classes are a fun combination of swimming, diving, jumping and play. It's our number 1 priority that the child wants to come to swimming over and over again!

In the class your child will continue to gain confidence in his/her abilities in the water. We will for example work on the following abilities: 

  • Practice different styles of kicks
  • Diving/Finding treasures under the water
  • The basics of crawl and back stroke
  • Independent jumping
  • Sliding in the water

This class is held in small groups (max 8 children) to ensure every child's improvement and active participation in each class. 

Swimming classes are held in Veteraanitalo, Hyvinkää (Asemakatu 42), on Wednesdays 31.8-12.10.2022. Time to be confirmed it's either 5pm or 6pm and lasts for 45min.

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